solar energy
By Bec and Katy-5/6 SF
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Using Solar Energy

As there are advantages of using Solar energy there are also a few disadvantages. For example at night and in cloudly or overcast weather the sun is being blocked and can stop us from recieving the energy.

Evan though every 45 minutes the earth gets enough energy from the sun that it will last for a LIFE TIME.

How Powerful is it?

Enough sunlight hits the earth every hour to supply the world enough solar energy for a year. With our abundant sunshine, Australia has the potential to harness more solar energy than almost any other country in the world. Solar energy is a resource we can rely on forever. It's clean, safe and it's here to stay.

How does it work?
Solar energy systems are silent, effective and comparatively non polluting, So they are great for urban areas. They come in many shapes and sizes, from small household systems to large grid connected solar powered suburbs.
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