solar energy
By Bec and Katy-5/6 SF
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What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is a renewable source of energy that we use every day. But unlike fossil fuels we burn that release chemical gases into the earth's atmosphere, solar energy is completely harmless.

The sun can be categorized into 2 forms,

  1. As a form of heat energy and
  2. As a form of light energy.

Solar and/or thermal technologies use the sun's heat to heat other substances such as water or air for the usage of space heating pool heating, water heating for homes and businesses. This energy can be converted directly into other sources of energy such as electricity and heat. However there are also some minor issues that involve  using solar energy.  The first issue is the large area required to assemble it at an affordable cost. The second is the that the solar energy can arrive irregularily at the earth's surface. This can cause disruptions if the energy can not be stored.

It is believed by scientists, that the sun will never stop producing energy, or for at least the next ten billion years.

What is renewable energy?

Basically, renewable energy is any form of energy that that is going to be re-used in a reasonable time frame. While it is true that nature is slowly working away, producing fossil fuels, like coal and oil, we probably won't want to wait the million years to re-harvest a coal seam. As when it is being burned it takes only years to be used up.

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